Dark/Beautiful Piano Music – Royalty Free – Exile

Available for download now on iTunes:
Something a bit darker for a change. Tenebrous chords, perfect for emphasising an eerie, unsettled and thoughtful mood for you videos/projects.

Licence of use:
Q: Can I use your music for my monetized YouTube videos?
A: Yes as long as I’m credited you can use for free *see below how to credit me.

Q: Can I use your music for commercial use, Film, Project outside of YouTube?
A: Yes but, here are the conditions:

Q: Can we collaborate/work together?
A: Yes! Use my email found on my home page.

Q: How can I support you for your hard work?
A: Donation via PayPal to:
or channel shout outs Thank you!

*How to credit me in the description.
Music used
Exile by Jonny Easton
Check out his channel


Jonny Easton

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