How to Make Money with Your Music Online – The Experts Speak PT1

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In this video Erin M Jacobson, the music industry lawyer and Dae Bogan from join David, Bob Horn, Maat Hotep and Joe Vezzetti in an in-depth conversation about copyrights, split royalties, how to register a songs with BMI or ASCAP, Sound Exchange, Herry Fox Agency. How to find out if you have unpaid royalties, how to copyright a songs, what parts of a song are copyrightable, melody, rhythm, bass line, arrangements, lyrics.
How to become your own publisher, a full guide with online resources for independent artist looking to release their CD or EP or Single as independent. Artists without a label, songwriters, how to get signed and what to expect from music contracts, as a musician, as a producer as a recording artist.
All the types of royalties explained, mechanical, radio and online streaming. How online streaming gets paid by iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, Pandora.
How to clear a sample to use it in your productions, how to register a cover song. Different types of music contracts, music rights administration, how to get paid for online streaming as an independent artist.
Publishing, songwriting and composition, how to deal with investors and the most common deals for singles and albums.
What to look out for when a label signs you, the advance and how to manage it. Musician for hire contracts.
How to become a successful independent musician, how to get a major record deal contract. How to start your own label.
Being your own label and publisher, DIY guide for musicians.
What types of royalties a producer is entitled to, splitting royalties for streaming service and much more.
Everything you need to know about the music business and industry.

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