Background Music For News & Narration █ Music for excitement / energetic news background music

Upbeat Background Music For Videos / Upbeat Instrumental Music / exciting instrumental music from Blanket Barricade (WK Music Productions)
These songs can be used on YouTube for non-commercial purposes. You’re free to use the music on YouTube as long as you’re not making money from it and your video is not associated with a company or business. If you would like to use these songs for commercial purposes or outside of YouTube contact us at and let us know what you would like to use it for and what your budget is.
0:00 – We Fit Together – Download:
3:11 – A Velvet Affair – Download: **(Watch the official music video for the vocal version of this song here:
8:46 – Hollow Eyes – Download:
12:09 – Game On – Download:
14:03 – Inside The Box – Download:
18:21 – Blue Jacket – Download:
19:38 – Friendly Games Of Deceit – Download:

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This background music instrumental upbeat / instrumental music upbeat / exciting instrumental music is copyrighted in 2015.

Background Music For News Reporting / background music for newscasting- composed by Wesley K.
Background music for narration broadcast / background music for news reporting broadcast / news music background – drums by Ryan S.
Energetic Instrumental music for video background / news background music – Piano by Wesley K.
Energetic background music / background music for news headlines – copyright management by Wesley K.
Background music for excitement / background music for news broadcast – Audio editing by Wesley K.
Background music for news headlines / narration background music – Mastered by Kevin K.

This upbeat instrumental background music / background music for videos upbeat is brought to you in HQ!

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